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Viatom Technology

Viatom SnoreO2 Sleep Monitor

Sleep Oxygen Monitor with Smart Vibration - continuous Monitoring Wireless Bluetooth Sleep Pulse Oximeter Ring With Alarm
Immediately available!
119,00 € incl tax
Viatom Technology

Viatom Checkme™ Lite ECG-Monitor/Recorder

Checkme™ Lite Vital Signs Monitor is an innovative device which integrates multiple functionalities into one compact and portable unit. It supports cable-fre...
Immediately available!
229,00 € incl tax
Viatom Technology

Viatom HeartMate EKG Monitor

handheld 1-channel ECG monitor + pulse measuring device for wireless measurement of irregular heartbeat, ventricular extrasystoles (VES), atrial fibrillation...
Immediately available!
179,00 € incl tax
Feellife Medical Inc.

Feellife Steam Inhaler mini Air 360

Low-Priced portable Handheld Steam Inhaler - ideal for children - nebulization with vibrating membrane technology (MESH)
Out of stock
49,90 € incl tax

beurer nebulizer IH 26

Nebulizer & nasal douche with compressor: for the treatment of respiratory diseases such as cold & bronchitis
Immediately available!
69,00 € incl tax
- 7 %

OMRON MicroAIR U100 Nebulizer

The OMRON MicroAIR U100 is a portable, pocket sized nebulizer, ideal for use both at home, and when travelling | PZN 12903492
about 2 - 3 working days
139,90 € incl tax 149,90 € incl tax
Further option: scope of delivery
- 13 %

Alkaline batteries type AAA 1.5V 4-pack

Batteries - 1.5 V Type AAA / Micro / LR03 - Varta for use in various devices, Varta Micro AAA LR3 LR03 Micro Battery Industrial Version
Immediately available!
3,90 € incl tax 4,50 € incl tax
BOSCH + SOHN Germany

Boso Medicus Prestige Manschette XS

BOSO Universal-Manschette für boso medicus exlusive, medicus family 4, medicus family, medicus control, medicus vital, medicus X, mediicus system wireless P...
Immediately available!
20,99 € incl tax
BOSCH + SOHN Germany

boso XS-Manschette (CA03), 16 - 22 cm

BOSO replacement blood pressure cuff XS CA03 - for model medicus prestige and medicus exclusive - narrow arms - Velcro cuff for children PZN-00366089
Immediately available!
18,90 € incl tax

Panasonic EW 3006 blood pressure monitor

Fully automatic blood pressure monitor for measuring on the wrist with large display - award winner ("very good") at Ökotest (issue 5/2010) - Clinically vali...
Immediately available!
79,90 € incl tax

Drug Adulteration Test

Test strips against manipulation of a urine sample | 25 test strip box
Immediately available!
19,99 € incl tax
DATECH / Alcofind

Breathalyzer Alcofind AF-100S

AlcoFind AF-100S is a high quality alcohol tester, designed for conducting large numbers of quick tests and does not require mouthpieces.
Immediately available!
299,00 € incl tax

beurer nebulizer IH 55

Handy and travel-compatible nebulizer - ideal for children - nebulization with vibrating membrane technology
Immediately available!
109,90 € incl tax
BOSCH + SOHN Germany

bososcope cardio Stethoskop

bososcope cardio Kardiologie-Doppelkopf-Stethoskop - Premium-Qualität made in Germany
Immediately available!
54,99 € incl tax
- 8 %

Alkali Batteries Typ AA 1,5V

Special batteries breathalyzer - 1.5 V AA, Varta, Alkali Mignon LR06 Industrial batteries, 4-Pack
Immediately available!
4,50 € incl tax 4,90 € incl tax
- 23 %

prorelax 85835 Tens/Ems SuperDuo Plus

Elektrostimulationsgerät mit besonders umfangreichem Zubehörset - TENS/EMS-Kombigerät gegen Schmerzen und Verspannungen der Muskulatur
Immediately available!
99,00 € incl tax 129,00 € incl tax
- 25 %

prorelax 39263 TENS + EMS Duo

preisgünstiges TENS/EMS-Kombigerät gegen Schmerzen und Verspannungen der Muskulatur
Immediately available!
44,90 € incl tax 59,90 € incl tax

AED/Defibrilator backpack

AED backpack - designed in collaboration with first-aid services - avaiable in 2 sizes
2-5 business days
109,00 € incl tax
Further option: Size
- 20 %

Medisana BU 530 connect

Upper arm blood pressure monitor with Bluetooth interface - compatible with the free VitaDock+ App for iOS and Android.
Immediately available!
47,99 € incl tax 59,95 € incl tax

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